The Pros And Cons Of Multiculturalism

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It’s easy to look at the world through rose colored glasses and see all the wonderful and good things that have happened. Having this optimistic view of life is a beautiful thing and helps us keep improving and growing in those directions. Sadly though, the truth persists in the fact that many of our modern practices and beliefs are failing us. Our civilization seems to be growing and achieving, but with every step upward another downward spiral is revealed. Our civilizations make strives for technology, and multiculturalism, and looks forwards to peace and prosperity, even as our technology threatens our existence, racial violence runs rampant, and we have recently experienced some of the most deadly wars of our time. The first sign of how the west is failing is how we have had two of the deadliest wars in modern history. World War I and World War II brought on some of the most terrifying leaders, willing to kill their own people and maim the world simply to further their own political beliefs, as well as introducing some of the most deadly and massively destructive weapons ever seen by mankind. These wars brought rise to some of the most terrifying and deadly world leaders such as Hitler and Stalin. Hitler is a perfect example of a person who is against multiculturalism. He may have not defined himself as such, but his strong hatred for specific cultures, races, and sub-groups was the driving force behind his abhorrent efforts to cleanse the world and create the perfect
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