The Pros And Cons Of Peer Pressure

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Peer pressure is the influence that one person or group has on another. Peer pressure is a devastating force that affects the lives of millions across the world. Most often, peer pressure receives a reputation for being demeaning, harsh, brutal, and generally negative. However, peer pressure can inspire the affected party to rise above the cruelty and positively impact their own lives. Yes, peer pressure may negatively affect someone’s life, but it may also change their life in a positive manner. Generally, peer pressure receives a negative perception from all people, especially teenagers. As a person ages, they begin to care less and less of their image, but in a person’s early years of middle and high school is when the most effort is put into their public portrayal. Negative peer pressure can be very demeaning, and ruin a person’s self-esteem. Personally, I have been a victim of peer pressure. As a young boy, I was in fact obese. I struggled with my eating habits and the result was an unathletic, nerdy, unattractive boy. This image I had created for myself caused me a world of terror. Everyday, when at school, I was the butt of the fat jokes and was excluded from most friend groups. My self-confidence hit rock bottom and I had zero faith I would overcome this obstacle. Now, even though I have overcome obesity and become healthy, my past still haunts me. I am very shy and reserved, and I am constantly worried about my image and how people view me. Although this peer

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