The Pros And Cons Of Polls

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Clarence, you have made some very valid points. There are also some things that you have stated that would be up for debate. The points that you made around the polling methods and sample size are very valid points. The inference that you made at the end of your post about the lower reliability of recent polls is questionable.
The polling method and sample size arguments are well thought out and certainly supported by the outside references you provided. The polling method can definitely lead to numbers being skewed due to several factors that are determined by the person or group performing the poll. The sample size can also impact the outcome of the poll based on the way the sample population is selected. The size of the sample population will lead to a larger swing in the mean numbers if the sample population is smaller. The swing in the mean result could lead to a lower confidence margin.
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The information age makes it much easier for the sample size of the poll to be increased with little effort or cost. The increase in the sample size would provide for the margin of error to decrease due to the increased sample size. However, the increase in sample size would only prove beneficial if the other biases that can come into play within the population selection process do not come into play on the
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