The Pros And Cons Of Sending Ground Troops To Fight Isis

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America is torn betwixt the dispatchment of American ground troops to fight the terrorist group Isis. The Isis ideology and vision consists of the restoration of the caliphate of early Islam and pledging allegiance to it. Isis regards to maintain the purification of Islamic society, they must fight non-Muslim countries. This desire of a pure Islamic society has precipitated harm on several non-Muslim countries, and even on their own country. The American government is considering sending our ground troops to fight Isis, however, the negatives to sending ground troops to fight Isis are monumental.

Don’t Kill Our Troops Should we send our troops to fight Isis? America is undecided betwixt whether or not to permit the allocation of American boots in Iraq or Syria to fight Isis. This is …show more content…

President Obama is one of those people who does not obtain the desire to send troops to fight Isis, for he expresses this opinion in his statement, “This is not a traditional military opponent, we can retake territory and as long as we keep our troops there we can hold it. But that does not solve the underlying problem of eliminating the dynamics that are producing these kinds of violent, extremist groups,” (“Obama Won’t Send,” 2015). President Obama has been faced with war decisions on terrorism prior to Isis with the terrorist group, Al Qaeda. When Barack Obama became president, he sent most of America’s ground troops in Iraq home to their families. He then announced the United States was no longer pursuing a War on Terror, but rather focusing the military on specific enemies. This war tactic ended in success, given the Navy SEALs raided the Al Qaeda leader’s compound. Navy SEALs then shot and killed Al Qaeda’s leader, Osama Bin

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