The Pros And Cons Of Technology And Science

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Inventions and Discoveries
Human lifestyle has recently changed through the inventions and discovery of new technology and science. Technology and science are closely related hence, the technology uses science to answer problems, while science uses technology to come up with new discoveries. However, technology and science target different objectives. The objective of science is to provide an answer to the critical questions, thus help to increase knowledge while the goal of technology is to find answers to real problems. Even though they have a different objective, they, however, work together to facilitate each other to grow. The knowledge posed from science led to the creation of technology like telescope while the telescope technology led to a microscope that allows researchers to discover nature in a new era.
According to an article by Rice University, a telescope is one of the dominant instruments of what has been referred to as the Scientific Revolution. However, according to the article, they believe that telescope was not the invention of scientists but the product of craftsmen. Rice University argue that glass were cheap, hence the technology for crushing and polishing glasses had development extensively allover (Rice University). Hence, the development led to a solution for a condition known as presbyopia. This condition majorly faced the aging where they were unable to read letters held at a relaxed distance from the eye (Rice University). This led to the

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