The Pros And Cons Of Technology In Education

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Technology is everywhere; it is almost inevitable. In 2013 a study was done by the American Community Survey showing just how much we use computers.The study showed that eighty- four percent of american households owned a computer. Although technology is on the rise, it may not be the best answer for everything. Computers are relied on heavily in schools all over the world which could eventually be a problem. There are many flaws that the internet and schooling systems may never be able to ‘fix’. Many people take advantage of this luxury. Yet there is a large population of people who do not agree with the certain use of technology in schools. Although ideas with the internet are limitless, not all luxuries in life are provided. Most things …show more content…

It doesn't take a smart person to realize that this is a lot of money to provide towards technology and school for that matter. Think about what else that money could've been spent on. Also people don't think about things such as accidents in the school community. Either a student signs a paper stating that if they break it they buy or, if they don't sign it they can't use school technology. This sounds like a trap to me! There are too many financial struggles when dealing with technology in school. It used to be the dog ate my homework, but now it's the dog ate my computer!
The internet has evolved tremendously since its creation in 1990. Though the use of the world wide web and its many tools have been re vamped hundreds of times one should still count on errors. Nothing runs perfectly, especially not the internet. This is another reason that schools should not rely on internet/ technology so heavily. If the internet was to completely go down in some catastrophic event, school systems all over the world would be flipped upside down, because most assignments are recorded, wrote down, and given online. Yes, it may be easier to use a handy dandy computer but they will not always be there for you. There has been countless times when computers crash, or the internet poops out and wont work. What do we do in this situation? More like what can we do. Things happen to technology all of the time, and

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