The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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A homicidal maniac should be punished, not with a life sentence, but death. The death penalty should be allowed in all of the fifty states, criminality is unacceptable. It sets an example for anyone else that would possibly break the law. Furthermore, a dead convict couldn’t commit more crimes in prison, which would only add more years to their life sentence. Lastly, it gives the victim’s acquaintances a sense of justice for their dead, injured, or any way of loss loved ones. The death penalty sets an example for those who are thinking about doing the same thing. Louis P. Pojman, PHD, said, “Public executions of criminals seem an efficient way to communicate the message that if you shed innocent blood, you will pay a high price... I agree... on the matter of accountability but also believe such publicity would serve to deter homicide." He agrees that it sets an example it sends a message to those who are about to commit that crime. Kent Scheidegger stated, “I believe that an effective, enforced death penalty deters some murders." It will bring down the amount of crimes we have in the U.S and it will bring down the amount of life sentences. The article The Death Penalty Deters Crime and Saves Lives states “commuted sentences, and death row removals appear to increase the incidence of murder…” With criminals being removed from death row, others may think that they won’t get capital punishment. This evidence proves that capital punishment deters other criminals from

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