The Pros And Cons Of The Internet

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World Wide Web— a phrase that has revolutionized our period of time; without the internet there would be no place where we would get to watch videos, look at images of cats, and most importantly cry on the stylish clothes that one may never get. Many individuals tend to stay at home on this phenomenon for more than eight hours straight, visiting numerous of sites. However, imagine those services being on one platform which means everything one enjoys doing on multiple websites: watching movies/videos, viewing images, or buying clothes. Amazon, a multimillionaire private company, happens to solidify this imagination. The corporation believes the internet is evolving towards a greater good of every individual doing everything online; mainly shopping. They believe technology has made it easier for many people to access an online store through the World Wide Web. However, Amazon has become an empire in such a short amount of time and will not stop growing. Due to the contrary, Amazon is obviously becoming too powerful. As said previously, is a privately owned corporation which is basically the internet’s online supermarket filled with various items ranging from fresh apples to the board game, Monopoly to zebras skin clothing. Crazy items? Well, Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, believes that Amazon should “be an everything store” as he told Fortune Magazine in 2012. He may have taken ‘everything’ to a literal standpoint as the company stands retails various

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