The Pros And Cons Of Verizon Wireless

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Verizon Wireless is known for their famous slogan, “Can you hear me now?” The National Security Agency (NSA) took the meaning to the slogan “Can you hear me now?” to a differently level. One may speculate that the NSA has brought a new meaning to the slogan putting Verizon in the spotlight of an ethical dilemma. Verizon Wireless was founded April 4, 2000 and not long after, they were considered the largest mobile network companies in the United Stated.
Verizon was ordered under the Patriots Act Section 215 by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to supply individual and business cell phone data. The court was created by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 and provides judges appointed by the president. The review
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They were not made aware until the information was leaked to the press. This leak came from a paper reveled by Edward J. Snowden, a former contractor for the CIA. In an article on Madamenoire Ann Brown refereed to him as a “whistleblower and former NSA contractor, Edward J. Snowden that the National Security Agency was conducting surveillance on American citizens’ Verizon accounts”. Edward is now facing two accounts of espionage for leaking documents about top-secret surveillance programs including this case and outside this…show more content…
However, they did know it would maximize their profits by selling the selling a portion of their business and other monies received. The loss of customer loyalty at the end of the day would not be worth the money they received. This scandal has now been seen as unethical and invasion of privacy. Before this chain of events Verizon was seen as one of the largest and best mobile company with 119.4 million subscribers as of 2013, now they face unsure customers who are not sure of this company and may switch to another provider. Although they were court ordered they did not fight this request and seen only their best
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