The Pros of Becoming a Vegetarian

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Slaughterhouses and calf’s on steroids vs. eating plants and being healthy? Think about the pros of becoming a vegetarian. Vegetarian food is very delicious and easy to make and a whole lot more frugal. Think of all the money you could save becoming a vegetarian, you could go on cruise put money away for college with that entire savings. Let’s focus on what is genuinely consequential; like health, happiness and of course your well-being. Many people are vegetarians for many reasons due to religion, health, and environment and maybe for social reasons. Would you like to have great skin, hair, breath, disease free and be slender? I know I do and that is why you need to look at being a vegetarian. If you were told if you continue to eat steak you will get cancer. Would you continue eating steak? What if I told you that you could live longer and be healthier? What would you opt for? Me, I would pick living longer and healthier. Let’s think about the harm and suffering farms cause of these helpless animals. Have you been to a slaughter house? Have you heard a calf torn from his momma and thrown into a feedlot and put into a stall and shot in the head with a shotgun. What about the protein chemicals and the hormones they inject into these poor animals. Would you like to see an image of these poor animals prior to coming to your plate? Let’s talk about what is fed to these animals. To start off with they eat toxic grass that has poisonous fertilizer on it. They are

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