The Psychological Implications Of Leading During A Catastrophic Event

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Crisis management: the psychological implications of leading during a catastrophic event. How have leaders controlled stress-induced apprehension that impairs control and persuasive abilities to act during an extreme crisis? How have leaders successfully controlled stress-induced apprehension, therefore negatively affecting control and abilities to act during an extreme crisis? How do today’s leadership theories apply in a volatile environment? Effective leadership in high-pressure situation occurs through enhanced understanding of the psychological aspects that affect our cognitive abilities during crisis mode. In a leadership position, is it advantageous to transition in applications based on unstable settings, therefore implying …show more content…

It is essential that we adjust our application of leading when subjected to external pressure induced by the uncertainty of the outcome. To enhance our understanding and successfully capture the changes in behavior and or direction we must first address the significance of outside stimulus in the form of stress on our cognitive abilities. Without further research in this area, we can only speculate as to the thought process of leading during a crisis and the impact that has on leadership abilities.
Through research, behavior traits of leaders are defined by the transitioning phase from one application to another and adjusting from a controlled setting to one that is uncertain. Previous research dictates that a leader’s cognitive process is based on reflection when subjected to an unstable environment. The question that I pose is experience alone the only driving force in making the right decision or is it our behavior that influences the outcome while subjected to enormous pressure. The psychological aspects of being under extreme pressure can dramatically change our perception to reframe a situation efficiently. Stress can cause instability, therefore diminishing our ability to lead without apprehension, thus negatively affecting our position to act and lead in a persuasive manner. With chaos comes confusion, which lends itself to the importance of identifying changes in leadership

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