The Psychological Report On Raw Scores

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The psychological report refers to raw scores, that is, the total score a test taker obtains when performing a task, giving correct answers, or marking true responses. Those numbers are statistically transformed into scales or derived scores in order to enable comparisons with a reference group and thus to determine the person’s strengths and weaknesses. Reports of test results refer to percentiles in explaining the value of scaled scores in order to provide a ranking system. The percentile represents the percentage of individuals in the reference group who scored at or below a given raw score. The 50th percentile would represent the mean or median score, indicating that individuals who score above that percentile are to some degree…show more content…
I also had concerns about bias and the political use of psychological tests. In my research, I had come across many examples of the ways in which some of these assessments had been misused in order to refuse immigrants entrance to the United States or to send people who would be subjected to ethnic cleansing and persecution back to their countries of origin (Gregory 2007). It also seemed to me that these tests did not capture the test taker functioning in his natural milieu, or that the test did not allow the subject to take initiative or interact with others. Soldiers in the armed forces were discriminated against when tests first started to be used for acceptance or selection of personnel, because those tests were plagued with ethno-cultural-class-language biases. There has been much improvement since then to attenuate sources of test bias. People also were often discriminated against on the basis of psychological tests because they spoke a language other than the English of the test. I had worked in schools were children were placed in classes for the mentally challenged because they spoke another language and could not answer in English or because their manners were very different from those of the dominant culture. However, with the passage of time and more study and experience, I found that psychological tests appeared less mysterious or unfair and more helpful and beneficial under
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