The Psychology Of Childhood Social And Emotional Development

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Matilda Comenote
Anita Newman
English 24 Senior project
November 30th, 2015

Psychology helps us understand the way humans think and how our brain functions, this may also include certain behaviors in any given situation. My research is based on the psychology of childhood social and emotional development, and adolescence. Like a lot of things in psychology and this world, this has led my research to prove their is a direct correlation between social and emotional development in children and the entirety of adolescence.

Emotional development during childhood is a crucial step in the early stages of life. This process is needed for success in adulthood and throughout life. Emotional development is defined as “The emergence of a child’s experience, expression, understanding, and regulation of emotions from birth to late adolescence, this also comprises of how growth and changes in these processes concerning emotions occur.” Since emotions are among the first to develop it’s important to make this a healthy growth as emotions begin to mature and progress.

Shonkoff was determined from the start of the NAS committee process that From Neurons to Neighborhoods would be much more than a report that was released, discussed for a few days, and then forgotten, and he promised that to prospective members of the Committee. “This was my dream project,” he says. “I wanted to use this opportunity to model how an NAS report could be followed by a disciplined action
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