The Psychology Of The Field Of Psychology

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What captivated my interest in working within the field of psychology was the joy and sense of accomplishment after aiding another individual in need. Since high school I have been involved in volunteer work assisting individuals by helping them acquire new skills, or becoming a friendly mentor. Throughout the years I learned how to observe others, as in discovering how different a person may react to a certain situation, to how they interact within their social groups. Since my volunteer work in high school, I went forth in taking up clinical psychology courses throughout my college career and also acquired a summer job that let me expand and learn more outside of the classroom, which then proven to me again that I love the psychology filed in helping people. During my college experience as an undergraduate majoring in clinical psychology and minoring in sociology, I pushed myself to excel the best in my academics along with outside circular activities. I manage to maintain an overall B average in all my classes, while also assisting a professor in their research, being the President of the Kutztown Psychology Club, choreographer at the Kutztown Dance team, and working a part time job. Due to all of these events I learned how to properly manage my time wisely, while still maintaining standard grade scores. However, I also learned that I tend to put too much pressure on myself by filling up a busy schedule thinking I can accomplish anything and everything, when in

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