The Public Health Problem Of Smoking

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 Public health Problem Smoking is an uncouth habit, and it does not discriminate between tobacco cigarette, bhang or shisha, all of these substances are often considered as drugs that can cause addiction. The smoke emitted from these drugs cause environmental pollution. Besides, they also lead to some harmful diseases to humans (Hyyppä, 2010). Some chronic conditions like lung cancer emanate from smoking, and it predisposes the users to various life conditions like heart diseases. There exist two types of tobacco that are deeply rooted in this world. The first type of smoking is direct where the smoker receives the products of smoking at first hand. The second type of smoking is where the smoker receives smoking products passively. The…show more content…
Due to the intensity of the practice, they have had a hard time retaliating from the smoking behavior. It is practically evident that most young individuals in the society like exploring. Their curiosity predisposes them to addiction to this deadly habit. Peer pressures influence most people in the community to the practice thus increasing the incidence of both passive and first-hand smoking. The society lacks rules that regulate the practice, first of all, it benefits from it as the companies that manufacture the cigarettes creates both direct and indirect employment. It is difficult for the society to discriminate or even disband the practice since most individuals make a living out of smoking (Hyyppä, 2010). For instance, those employed in the industry as well as shopkeepers who sell the cigarettes and other tobacco ingredients, earn their daily living. The society fails to play its role in educating the youth on the dangers of smoking .the failure by the society to conduct massive education programs on the issues leads to the continuity of the practice. As people continue smoking, the public health problem associated with passive smokers’ increases. The society holds future risks that might be related to passive smoking. First, the population might be affected as it might decline due to increasing in mortality rates. The increase in death rate means that there will be a decrease in procreating as those fertile young individuals will not be available to fulfill God’s
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