The Public Health Triad Essay

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Introduction The role of public health in our society cannot be underestimated. The main goal of public health is to prevent and control diseases with the aim of promoting health. Humans contribute to this health promotion. However, human actions are also responsible to some detrimental health effects. Human behavior through habitat modification has led to the emergence of infectious diseases “Modification of natural habitats by humans is a leading cause of emerging zoonoses” (Battle, 2009, P 32). Humans contribute to this modification through urbanization, agricultural development, manufacturing, recreation, and transportation.…show more content…
All three factors are necessary for the development of this triad and for the development of diseases. This should be studied when identifying the cause of a particular disease “By studying the interactions among the triad, we have the ability to show true causes and, therefore, uncover real solutions” (Battle, 2009, P 32). The linkage of humans, animals, and the environment has created public health dilemma through the introduction of diseases that are transmitted between animals and humans. This transmission of diseases between humans and animals has accounted for 75% of worldwide emergence of infectious diseases (Battle, 2009). An example of public health triad was the emergence of Hanta virus in Arizona and surrounding states causing Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). A cluster of cases were found that was linked to rodents near the homes of those infected “The unexpected finding that sera from patients reacted with Hanta viral antigens was quickly followed by the genetic identification of novel Hantavirus in patients’ tissues and in rodents trapped near patients’ homes” (CDC, 1997). This outbreak was associated to increase rodent population due to human activities “Many Hantavirus infections have occurred in persons of lower socioeconomic status because poor housing conditions and agricultural activities favor closer contact between humans and rodents. However, suburbanization, wilderness camping, and other outdoor activities have spread infection to persons of
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