Marketing Strategy : The Jta 's Marketing Plan

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Marketing Strategy
The JTA’s marketing plan is to increase the choice riders, the millennials, and the aging baby boomers by 15% during the next year. The actual JTA’s strategy marketing plan to attract and retain choice riders and millennials is the followings:
• Improve the on-time performance and the frequency of service.
• Keep buses clean, safe, and well maintained.
• Adding ecofriendly and hybrid buses to the fleet.
• Introducing bikes on the Skyway
• Improve transit accessibility with new shelters on high frequency corridors
• Provide better, more timely and easy accessible information about JTA services through real time-information system
• Explore and develop niche markets through services like the Beaches, Downtown, and Riverside Trolleys
• Develop next generation of discretionary transit riders through efforts like the Magnet School Bus Program.
Mission .The JTA’s is to improve the economy of the city by providing for the customers a safe and efficient multimodal transportation services.
Marketing Objectives. This marketing objective will consist to increase choice riders and millennials by 15 % during 2 years. It will consist to retain and regain these target markets. It will have for objective to attract choice riders from the Magnet School Program and the different universities of the city.
Financial Objectives. An increase of ridership will automatically increase the revenue. This strategy will improve the economy of Jacksonville. This gain will generate
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