The Purpose Of The Experiment Was To Uncover Whether A

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The purpose of the experiment was to uncover whether a small, young leaf has all the stomata that the mature leaf will have, all compressed into the smaller surface area. To assess such a question, the following statement was made: Young and old leaves of the same plant species do not have different stomatal densities. Leaves contain, in their outermost layer of cells, called the epidermis, small pores which are regulated by two guard cells, that help balance the gas exchange and water loss within the plant. These small pores along with the guard cells are called the Stomata: they open and close due to environmental signals, allowing for the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen as well as allowing water vapor to escape the plant. A…show more content…
Then we water mount the both the young and old leaf to a slide to examine them under the microscope. First we put the young leaf on the microscope and we had to find it on the 4x.
Once we did that, we move on to the 10x to find the young leaf and got a little better look at it.
Finally we moved on to the 40x and get a good view of the stomata on the young leaf. Once we had a good view of the stomata, we started to count the stomata on the young leaf. As you count the stomata you had to move the slide around to make sure you counted all of the stomata. Once we finished with the young leaf, we moved onto the old leaf. Like the young leaf, we started at
4x to be able to find the leaf. Once we found the leaf we moved on to the 10x to get a better view of the leaf and made sure we were still able to view the leaf. Finally we were able to move on to 40x and get a better view of all of the stomata. Once we got a better view of the stomata we started to count them, moving the leaf around to make sure we got all of them. Once everyone in our group counted the stomata on both the young and old leaf, we recorded our data on the table we were given and then shared our data with the rest of the class. Once the rest of the class shared their data, we wrote the data in the table and compared both the young and old leaf. From all the data we have, we were able to get the summary values and mean of the leafs.
As demonstrated in Table-1,
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