Making The Onion Tip Root Cell Slide

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Making the onion tip root cell slide was successful. Our results supported the hypothesis because we saw cells in the onion root tip in prophase, metaphase, and anaphase. As we went up in power objectives, each phase of the cell became more definitive. The cell root was a great indicator of the structures of the different cycles of the cell. This is important because we will be prepared for future labs working with the microscopes and can now adjust it for the best view of the slide. We practiced working with the compound light microscopes and different phases of the cell cycle. Onion root tips are useful to observe mitosis because the cells are frequently diving as the root grows. So when we stained the cell, we caught many cells in different phases. The significance of this lab was to better understand the process and stages of mitosis and meiosis and compare and contrast the mitotic process in plants and animals. We grasped the concepts of what the chromosomes look like, and what they look like in each step of the processes. Having read much about mitosis and meiosis, seeing these cells was the real application of describing and understanding the stages. Questions: MITOSIS IN ONION ROOT TIP SQUASHES (pg.44) 7. Examine under low power (100X) and then under high power (430X) . a. Can you locate the various stages of mitosis? Yes, we could locate the various stages of mitosis. The prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase stages were clearly present in the cells.
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