The Purpose Warm Up and Why

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Warm up; the purpose of a warm up and why……
The purpose of a warm-up is to help prepare the participants body, in the mental aspect way and also physical. It can consist of a gradual increase in intensity or different intensities at a time. The warm up should be based around the current activity, this should be seen as if the activity is going to be circuit training, and you would have a more light intensity warm up.
Function of a warm up-
• Increase the heart rate
• Raise the body’s temperature
• Prepare the major joints
• Mentally prepare the participant
Components of the warm up are, pulse raiser and dynamic stretches;
The warm up should increase the heart rate in order to pump more blood around the body, to the muscles that are currently working. This will allow more oxygen to the muscles and the body and muscle temperature will increase. The improved temperature of the muscles makes them more flexible and supple, this helps prevent injury in certain joints.
Pulse raiser; this is a cardio exercise, that will raise an individual’s heart rate which will help the body prepare for the exercise. With this it should increase in intensity, the exercise should last between five to ten minutes depending on the intensity of the activity ahead but also the groups response to the warm up.
Stretching in a warm up is crucial; this is due to body releasing more synovial fluid in-between the joint thus making them more p[liable and willing to bend, this can help prevent

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