The Rabbit Hole Of Burger King's Ambitions

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Looking back into my childhood, I can remember the times when my parents would drive past Burger King and I would beg or ask to get a kid’s meal or maybe go inside so I could play in their miniature playground. During those years everyone was absolutely clueless or unaware of just exactly we were eating, but it didn’t matter. The ads and the commercials drove us to their basic restaurants for many reasons, and to this day their tactics haven’t changed. We will go down the rabbit hole of Burger King’s ambitions. Along with that, we will see that as long as there are elements that hit the soft points for consumers, lies, and deception will never falter the need for a greasy cheeseburger or better yet the famous Whopper. So, let’s begin. A big name just doesn’t appear out of no where. There has to be some sort of beginning or a start that made Burger King to what it is today. Everything has a history. Everything has a history of failure and success especially Burger King. In 1954, Insta Burger King was opened in Miami by an ambitious fellows named David Edgerton, and James Mclamore. At that time burgers were selling 18 cents! Even a milkshake was a mere 18 cents! Can you believe it?! Imagine what it would be like if that was still true to this day. Shortly after its beginning, David was challenged by his co founders thus changing the name to Burger King of Miami Inc. This marked the continuous changes for at least 5 decades. However during those changes, McDonalds became its

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