The Radical Groups Of Thinkers

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Throughout the recent centuries, biologists, psychologist, and sociologists have been franticly researching a single question, which if solved, can help us decode our every behavior and decision. Why exactly are we the people we are today? This question has sparked many passionate debates, one of them being; Nature (Genetics, biological traits,) versus Nurture (Environmental effects, learning behavior). There are two radical groups of thinkers in which strictly oppose each other, Nativists and Empiricist and with a common interest in mind, their perspective of how a being develops behaviorally and cognitively differ drastically with very few to none similarities. This theory provides the most insight to the mystery that is ourselves.
Nativists and Empiricists are radical groups of philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, and biologists, all of whom oppose each other’s way of thinking. The extreme ideologies of these two groups differ in drastic ways however, they still exhibit few similarities. The Nativists embrace nature as the underlying cause of our behavior, while Empiricists believe nurture is responsible for the way we act. Individually, both the nature and nurture theories cannot prove that we have obtained all of our traits from genetics or our environment, yet they both serve as sources for our individuality. It has been known for a long time now that traits such as; eye color, height, skin color, as well as diseases such as cancer or Huntingdon’s are all passed…
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