The Ramayana Of Valmiki 's Ramayana

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In the story Ramayana of Valmiki is a story that has often been passed down from generations from the original version of the story. In the story the Ramayana majority of the Ramayana’s view Sita as the wife who follows her husband when he is exiled for fourteen years who upholds her chastity when she is abducted by the Rakshasa king Ravana who goes through the ring of fire to prove her chastity (Anand). During the tenure of the abduction even after passing all these tests quietly, leaves her husband Rama who is the ideal man. When an ordinary washer man from his kingdom tells Rama about Sita of the doubts of her character forcing him to leave her. Despite the culture that these people live in an Indian society Valmiki’s Ramayana is one of those stories that compares women as creatures rather than humans as men use to treat woman as property. In the Ramayana culture they expect the wife the woman to be a virtue a figure assigning no reciprocal duties to the husband. In the sense the wife is nothing more than just a piece of property to her husband.
The Ramayana also depicted the love and care of Lord Rama for his wife and the obstacles he willingly faced to save her from the clutches of Ravana but over the years, these acts have failed to acquire the status of obligations of a husband and have been reduced to insignificant details of the great text (Anand). In the Ramayana Rama portrays his wife as the ideal Hindu woman beautiful chaste and aware of her duties loyally to

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