The Rationale For Undertaking The Research

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The rationale for undertaking the research:

The topic of expansion has always resulted in competitiveness between various airports, but different approaches are taken towards those airports requesting for more runway expansion. Heathrow Airport is facing constant debates with nearby residents for a third runway appeal. The main concern with Heathrow’s third runway relates to the environmental and social concerns residents will face if the expansion proposal is approved. Undertaking this particular research would provide a better understanding about the local residents’ opinions, whose daily activities may change and residential houses which may be affected; contributing to sustainability concerns. These opinions are important as residents deserve to express their interpretations about the runway expansion. Subsequently, the research will add significant value to the airport industry and add further theory to the current updates they have on Heathrow’s third runway expansion.

The context of your study:

In the vast and developing aviation industry, expansion has become a key priority for many UK airport businesses. Airports in general are looking for chances to grow and provide excellent services, in order to fulfil passenger needs. Secretary of State for Transport (2013) mentions how the Airport Consultative Committees allow new opportunities such as airport infrastructure and growth strategies to be discussed. Although the consideration of airport expansion may be
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