The Reason I Decided On What My Major Will Be

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The reason I decided on what my major will be When I started college, my mind decided that I wanted to study pre-veterinary. I thought that it was my calling and was what I was meant to do in life. I realized through many different activities and events in college, that I had a calling for something else. I joined a campus ministry called The Navigators and started to disciple under one of the leaders named Josh Lashbrook. We started to meet one day a week, so he could teach me and start to mold me into a leader. He taught me different religious tools and techniques on how to talk to people and sharing the word of God. When I first started to have meeting with him, I did not have a lot of knowledge on speaking with others and trying to convey a good message. I went in the commons and started to go around with him and sit with random strangers. Some of them were believers in our religion, believers in a different religion, or not believers at all. It was cool to see the differences between everyone and see how many actually have things in common.
Josh taught me that when I talked to people, do not use only emotions because sometimes people can feel what you feel and can take it as a negative or positive meaning to what you are trying to say. He also taught me that you have to have an attitude that ensembles a good and positive way of life. I learned that doing it by yourself is hard when you have little skill or knowledge on what needs to be done. By joining the

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