The Reasons For Single-Sex Education In Public Schools

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In the past decade the number of public schools, which offer single-sex education especially for only girls-school, has increased considerably (Pahlke, et al.). Signorella and Bigler believed the most drastic change in the United States education policy in the last several decades is related to single-sex education. Since 2001, the legal restrictions on single-sex public education were getting easier, so as a result, the number of public single-sex school has increased, while before 2001 single-sex education only offers by private schools (Brown 2013; Klein 2012). Currently, around one thousand public schools are providing single-sex education (classes or schools) (Bigler and Signorella 2011; Klein 2012; Office for Civil Rights 2011).
Reasons for “Single-sex School” especially “Girls’ school” are varied and based on differing gender philosophies. In recent years, researchers believe the girls benefitted from single-sex schools more than the boys. They claim since girls learn differently from boys, it might be better for parents to reconsider for sending their daughter to a “Girls’ School” instead of sending them to a “Co-ed School.” In this essay, first, I will discuss the rationales for why some advocates suggest “All-girls’ school.” Then, I will review the aspects, and the differences in achievement level and career aspirations between girls who choose to go to “All-Girls’ school” versus who pick the “Co-ed schools” for their secondary education.
Logics for

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