Research Methods And Statistics Of Criminal Justice

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Rasida Thomas
Professor Ilter Aykac
Research Methods and Statistics of Criminal Justice
Research Paper: Do students receive a better education in single-sex schools rather than in co-educational schools?
January 18, 2015

The purpose of this research is to study, analyze, and interpret the differences between single-sex schools and co-educational schools. This research paper will specifically highlight the differences of academic achievement, educational aspirations, discipline and control, development, motivation as well as the ability to focus and avoid distractions amongst students within single-sex schools and co-educational schools. According to many research studies, it is theorized that single-sex
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In certain studies, these students are assigned to an all girls, all boys, or co-educational school. Within these institutions, they are then evaluated throughout this research mainly by their academic achievement and future goals. Additionally, within these studies, the research participants may receive a questionnaire in evaluating their experience of being in a single-sex or co-educational school. The positives and negatives of single-sex education and co-educational will also be implemented within this research paper. Lastly, this research paper will focus on if students are receiving a better education in a single sex school rather than in a co-educational school.

Hypothesis: #1 Student’s within single-sex schools will have higher test scores entailing greater academic achievement than students in co-ed schools.
#2 Students within single sex schools will have greater educational aspirations than students within co-educational schools.
#3 Single-sex schools are more effective and/or efficient than co-educational schools.

The topic of single-sex education versus co-education has been an on-going debate within American society. It is a debate that has led to great controversy and continues to raise arguments today. Many individuals have agreed that single-sex education is more effective than receiving an education from a co-educational school as others have disagreed. Single-sex education is claimed to have
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