The Reasons Why Individuals Travel Should Be Investigate The Push, Pull, And Pull Factors Of Tourists

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Understanding Leipers model aides in characterizing on the reasons of why individuals head out to the destinations. The model was made in 1994, as it intends to "attempt and comprehend destinations, producing zones, travel zones, nature streams inside the connection of a more extensive tourism framework rather then seeing them as partitioned free elements". This implies that with a specific end goal to comprehend the reasons of why individuals travel we should firstly investigate the "push" and "pull" factors of tourists.

Leipers Model embodies itself of three different micro-parts, and sub-segments or sub components. These parts incorporate:

Geographic Element:
• Tourist Generating Region,
• Tourist destination Region,
• Transit Route Region

Human Element:
• Residents of generating and host region

Business Element:
• Tourism Industry

Having the capacity to see all the parts of this model help in the comprehension of tourism, and the stream of tourists. Due to this, we can adjust, and change particular places all through the world to help in the fascination of mass tourism, consequently helping the improvement of certain regions all through the world. Leipers Model is generally vital to industry insiders in light of the fact that it can help in the era of mass tourism to a particular range in the world. Consequently helping in expanding population and economy here. Having the capacity to comprehend the

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