The Reasons for Student Plagiarism and Ways to Avoid It

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PThe reasons for student plagiarism and ways to avoid it

This is an essay examine that the reasons for students’ plagiarism and how can avoid it in maximum extent by education. In the first place, this essay analyzes some possible cause of the phenomenon of students’ plagiarism. In the second place, this essay investigates the influence of teaching to decrease the incidence of plagiarism. In this age of change, the human race is progressing rapidly on various fronts. Yet at the same time, many problems have arisen, a serious one of which is the plagiarism. An increasing amount of students get into the internet to search the information and just copy, paste, and make it together when they’re supposed to be an assignment. According to
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As a student, if the cost of getting caught is too high, he or she is not willing to plagiarize. Secondly, the teachers in university should teach students that how to complete their assessments, essays and reports with citation in the correct way. Otherwise, the incidence of unintentional plagiarism wills increase. Furthermore, the professor teaches students skills to recognize how to paraphrase information properly by way of example (Snow, 2006). Most importantly, the most effective is way to set up a system for check up on students’ sources, such as Turn-It-In, which is one of the most popular checking systems. It will encourage student to check their own work whether plagiarism or not before their submission. And besides, students will try either consciously or unconsciously to avoid any plagiarism. Particularly, the purport of this system is guarantee for avoid intentional plagiarism in maximum extent. Students would not dare to copy while they were asking to Turnitin.

People who are doing education study should not only be satisfied with ways to stop plagiarism, but also they have to find out that plagiarism prevention. According to (Deubel, 2005) “educators should not always assume that… mentality of learners”, Educators in new century have to try their best to do more research about students plagiarism. Most importantly, educators should develop a better prevention measures and a new education method instead of the old
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