The Relationship Between Kolcaba's Comfort Theory and Orthopedic Nursing

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The Relationship Between Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory And Orthopedic Nursing by Myra D. Iliano St. Joseph’s College of Maine NU 500 Conceptual Bases for Nursing C. Andrew Martin, Instructor March 1, 2012 Abstract Katherine Kolcaba’s Theory of Comfort establishes a framework for care provided by the nurse by defining the state of comfort as it exists in various forms and contexts. The achievement of optimal health through the relief of pain is asserted as the foundation of all nursing care (Kolcaba, 2003). That focus is shared with the orthopedic nurse in the surgical post-operative in-patient setting. The nursing interventions supported by the taxonomy of this theory are easily analyzed and utilized in the orthopedic environment. …show more content…

Ongoing teaching is done throughout the patient’s hospital stay so that the patient is optimally prepared to eventually be discharged home or to a rehab facility. Appropriateness of Choice of Nursing Theory According to Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory, humans elicit holistic responses to complex stimuli (Nursing Theory Organization, 2011). Those responses require interventions by the nurse which address those responses in an equally holistic manner. The in-patient setting within the surgical orthopedic unit seems to exemplify the perfect setting in which to utilize those concepts. Minimizing pain in the post-surgical patient is the main focus of the surgical orthopedic nurse. With pain as the opposite of comfort, the focus of Kolcaba’s theory also seems to be the elimination of the patient’s painful state. In the in-patient environment, the four contexts in which comfort occurs can be easily assessed, adjusted, and manipulated as necessary. The origin of the patient’s pain is more obvious, so that the interventions utilized to minimize that pain are easily evaluated. Orthopedic nursing interventions are easily exemplified according to the particular form of comfort addressed and the specific context of those needs. The taxonomic structure of the comfort theory is well-suited and easily-applicable to this environment. Relief of pain, or that state in which a certain comfort

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