The Relationship Between Punishment And Positions Of Power

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Positions of Power
Rachel A. Wood
Columbia Southern University

The proposed research assess if military individuals in a position of power who have committed a sexual assault were held to a lesser standard than individuals who were not in a position of power. In addition, this research examines the perception of the military’s belief that a position has its privileges. This paper defines at least 65 percent of sexual assaults occur at a military location, with 89 percent of women stating the offender was in the military, and 60 percent of service members said the culprit was a higher rank, supervisor, or a unit leader (Morral, Gore, & Shell, 2014b, p. 101). Furthermore, this research has shown that more …show more content…

Due to an individual’s position in the military, could that position determine the reason individuals have been able to get away with sexual assault and remain in the military? Does the current issue lie with the military justice system’s view on these types of positions? Could it be an issue with the men in a position of power that make up the top ninety-one percent of the highest-ranking individuals in the military (Chemaly, 2014)? Would this propose the reason why they were able to retire or receive a lesser punishment than those of a lower ranking position? Do the current documented surveys, methods of collecting data and empirical research show the relationship of outcomes consistently mitigated, were of those cases involving high ranking individuals in positions of power?
Problem Statement
Has the exposure of sexual assault high profile cases involving positions of power who have received a lesser conviction than the military members not in a position of power show the difference that they are not held to the same standard as lower ranking positions? The purpose of this study is to assess the differences in sexual assault outcomes and if they can be explained by the accused’s position of power. In the military, sexual assault cases have happened more often than

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