The Relationship between Differentiation and Positioning of Products or Services

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Simulation The relationship between differentiation and positioning of products or services Product or service differentiation is the state of your business' products and service standing out with uniqueness as compared with other competitors on the same market, while product and service positioning is the product delivery to the consumer. Positioning is the product being delivered in a manner that is acceptable by the consumer, making it easier for the consumer to identify the reason why they need to buy your product ADDIN EN.CITE Barringer200113(Barringer, 2001)13136Barringer, H.How Product differentiation and Positioning affects the small businesses2001LondonRichards publication( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_1" o "Barringer, 2001 #13" Barringer, 2001). The product differentiation and positioning go hand-in-hand, as the unique products have to be positioned at the right place for the consumer to purchase the product, through identifying the unique components easily. In a business where there are other market leaders, the small business has to define their differentiation either through prices and selling quality products, also improve costumer relation. The reposition in the simulation was expected since the factors like brand development either through rebranding basic sale management force and pricing are the things that position a business to its consumers. The effect of the product life cycle on marketing All products and services pass through a life cycle. The life

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