The Renaissance And Its Influence On The Arts And Learning Succeeding The Dark Ages

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The Renaissance acutely influenced the revival and rehabilitation of enthusiasm for the arts and learning succeeding the Dark ages. The Dark Ages was a time that consisted of barbarian attacks, whose sole intent was to erase the ancient teachings. The Middle Ages differed from the time in which the Renaissance occurred. There are some main characteristics the Renaissance possessed. Galileo and Leonardo Da Vinci were pivotal to this time and their contributions were crucial to the achievement of the objective of the Renaissance. The Renaissance served as a time for rehabilitation of all that had been lost. The Dark Ages was a time preceding the Renaissance. It was a time containing nothing but turmoil, continuous fighting, horrible sickness, and a cultural standstill. The Renaissance was the Age that came directly after all this trouble. People began to think for themselves and actually voice their thoughts that were just completely outside of the church’s realm of comprehension. This Age was one in which people began to realize the importance of studying the past not only to learn from the mistakes but to learn about all the good. People saw the importance of looking back not just to the previous age, but at civilizations from hundreds & thousands of years prior to their time for wisdom, inventiveness, and creativity. The people looked all the way back to ancient Greek and Romans for ideas of how to rebuild their world. On the completely opposite side of the spectrum people
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