Essay on The Representation of Men and Women in the Media

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The Representation of Men and Women in the Media

Men and women are both represented differently in the media these days. Ironically it was even represented differently in the title of this essay. Men came before women! I am writing an essay to explain how men and women are represented in the media. I will show you my understanding of how in the past women were marginalised in the media and how men were shown as powerful figures. I will use the following sources in my essay: Kenzo perfume for women advert (4.2a), Yves Saint Laurent perfume for men advert (4.2b), IBM global services (4.14a), Lanvin (4.14b). I will analyse these sources in my main body.

In the past fifty years women have been …show more content…

People who were important to Kings were called right hand men. So this signifies that the perfume is more powerful than the woman. Also in the advert the perfume object looks bigger in size than the woman, that also signifies that the perfume has more power than the woman. So as you can see from the information that in some adverts women are stereotypically represented as the weaker sex.

In the past men were always stereotypically represented as the most powerful sex. For example in the Yves Saint Laurent advert the man is stereotypically represented as a powerful figure in front of the perfume. This signifies that the man is powerful and unstoppable. Let us not forget that this is an advert, so the producers of this work are trying to sell their product. What the producers are saying is that this man is powerful with KOUROS. For example the man is represented standing in a straight posture slightly sideways looking just above us. That signifies that the man is superior and is full of pride. This is also signifies that he is more superior than us, because he is not looking at us, while we are looking at him. This is a perfect example of gender stereotypes. Men are stereotypically seen as the most powerful sex and this advert supports that. The man signifies even more power by standing in front of the perfume. If we compare this to the Kenzo advert

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