The Responsibility Of Educating A Student

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At our school, we believe that the responsibility of educating a student relies on the cooperation of the faculty and staff, parents, and the community. As a responsible leader, the principal should engage in professional practice by ensuring that everyone will work together as a team to promote positive change concerning our parental involvement strengths and weaknesses. Parents should be considered the most vital component in the success of their child’s education. In order to do this, everyone on the team must be open to diversity and innovation, to create and improve the strategies to get the parents and the community involved and feel welcome in our school. Standard 5 states that the administrator should develop a caring school …show more content…

A few of our weaknesses are: the parents do not feel welcome to volunteer during the day, different types of programs that could be offered in order to help our students and parents academically, and community collaboration. Our strengths include: communication and parental attendance at school events. Research show that improving parental involvement will have a positive impact on student achievement (grades and test scores), a lower retention rate, and improved discipline records.
Goal and Objectives
GOAL: Increase parental involvement by creating opportunities for parents and members of the community to feel welcome in our school to come and volunteer, and programs for parents to help them academically, and with discipline issues, in order to help their children, in hope to increase student achievement and discipline. OBJECTIVE 1: To increase parental involvement through volunteers to help with any school activity that occurs during the day or after school.
OBJECTIVE 2: To create and actively work with programs to help students and parents academically and socially.
Creating an environment for change in any school can bring about many challenges; however, when you also bring in the parents and the community the challenges increase tremendously. As a school family, just like any family, when an outsider tries to change your family’s traditions, the family can feel

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