The Revolution And The Reformation

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During the 16th and 18th century such as,the town of Boston being founded in 1632. Later, Roger Williams arrives in what today is Rhode Island, where he is to establish a settlement with twelve "loving friends and neighbors” in 1636. All these events added to the idea that the explorers were more important than the scientific revolution and the reformation. Thus, the most important period for me was the explorers because without them we would not have some of the things we have today because they found the New World we use today and without them we would not have had the triangle trade.
Supporters of the Explorers believe that without them we would not have the New World. Even if he wasn 't the first his goal was to find a route to China going West. In his text/lecture “Ferdinand Magellan (Portuguese Explorer)”,Francisco Contente Domingues a argues that “On October 12, 1520, he rounded the Cape of the Virgins (Cabo Vírgenes, Argentina) and at approximately 52`50`S entered the passage that proved to be the strait of his seeking, later to bear his name” (Encyclopedia Britannica). Based upon research, it is clear that Ferdinand Magellan is important because he found a different way to go around the world and opened it up for more explorers to come and discover more of the land. He went towards the west because he needed to avoid the Portuguese and because the Pope told him to because of the Treaty of Tordesillas .This research supports the idea that without them we would not
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