The Revolution Of The United States

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From 1900 to 1920 a political group called the progressives demanded change and more government involvement after the gilded age where there barely was any action taken by the government. While the progressives were becoming more and more popular among politicians and people they brought reform and change to the United States. The progressives brought change through industries, social movements and the economy. The progressives, (as their name suggests) brought progress to America that forever changed the United States for the better. Without the progressives Americas change to more government involvement for the time being would never have happened thus showing the American people what is truly “American”. As the industrial age was booming and factories were abundant among the United States, progressives thought about what was unfair in America and came to the realization that something had to be done about factory conditions. The idea of unfair labor treatments was brought to the courts many times but the most significant was Hammer v. Dagenhart (Document G). The supreme court struck down the Keating- Owen child labor law which reduced child labor in factories for kids who were under 14. Now instead of being born into a job that your parents have or just taking the quickest job you can to get money, kids were more likely to go to school and diversify their intelligence (document C). Progressives were also bringing the awful factory conditions of the time to light.

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