The Revolution of 1688

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The Glorious Revolution, also known as the Revolution of 1688, refers to the events of 1688-1689. These events eventually led to the overthrow of Catholic King James II and the ascension (of William III and Mary II) to the English throne. These events also produced a significant shift in the relationship between the monarchy and parliament. This paper will discuss the overthrow of King James II, the rebellion and revolt and the consequences as well as the global effects of the Revolution in order to explain the importance of this event in world history. James II, king of England from 1685-1688, inherited a very strong position when he came to power. When James II first came to the throne, he was not very well liked in the eyes of the people of Great Britain, simply because he was a Roman Catholic King to an overwhelmingly Protestant nation. Like most politicians, James made promises to protect the peoples personal beliefs. At the beginning of his reign, James had promised to respect his subject’s rights and liberties and protect the Protestant establishment in the church. Despite these promises, James decided to advance the Catholic tenets over the protestants. He did this by issuing dispensations to Catholics including the Test Act of 1673, promoting the public celebration of mass, forcing the universities to admit Catholics, issued a Declaration of Indulgences and also engaged a campaign to pack Parliament so that he would be able to establish Catholic tolerance by

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