The Rhythmic Drum Of My Heart

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The rhythmic drum of my heart pounds strong. My blood flows for one purpose. The rhythmic heart rises and falls reminding me I have a reason to be here. As I lay on the ground looking at the starry night sky, I am reminded that each day is important in shaping who I want to be. Today, like every day, is the reason there is a future. The person I see in the mirror is the reason I need to keep moving on. He is the person that matters, yearning to be seen. Not by physique, but what is within. That is what I strive to be. Growing up, I did not want to be stuck being just one individual, I wanted to be a chef, a leader, a helper: someone’s role model. I was determined to learn how science tied in with matter. School has been just the base of …show more content…

There, the teachers didn’t have enough time to be with a student. It also seemed that the majority of the teachers did not love what they were doing. I didn’t feel like I belonged there. Here, at MEHS the students are academically challenged. The environment was not what I was used to. I had times when I wanted to give up and just head back home. Nights when memories trickled down my face caught by my pillow were constant. I may have felt caged here, but it was better than the cage of Anchorage. I was able to be who I want to be; my teachers recognized me. They were the ones who helped me through thick and thin. During sophomore year, my sister came to inform me of my brother’s passing. This was when I had the decision to stay or leave. The thought of leaving and never coming back was lingering in my mind. The image of my brother’s cold body lying there in his casket. His hands being held by my own where warmth used to be. I considered not going back, but I made a promise: “I love you my brother, I will pick up where you have left off. The leader of our brothers was yours, but is now passed on to me. I will keep moving forward for you.” Were the last words I said to myself before his body was sent away to become ashes. This is the reason why I strive to be who I want to be. When I gaze in the mirror now, I recognize myself. Someone more mature than he was the year before. Taking five classes rather than the minimum four. Hoping to look well enough to be

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