The Right To Education, And The Freedom Of Education In America

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My grandfather had a great influence on my life throughout my childhood. I was constantly being reminded to study hard and take the opportunity to educate myself. In Mexico, education is never a priority, and was only given to those with money; therefore, my grandfather only made it to third grade before having to provide for his family. His lack of formal education did not prevent him from learning. He always had a book in his hand, and was eager to learn more. It was post-World War Ⅱ, and Miguel Alemán was just elected president. Under his administration, when my grandfather was living in Mexico, he frequently vocalized his opinion about the corruptness of the local established government. Going against the status quo lent itself onto possible repercussions that may follow. Potential consequences consist of harassment, deterioration of one’s reputation, and possible imprisonment. My grandfather always stressed how in America, the right to freedom of speech allows one to criticize the government without fear of retaliation. Freedom consists of a right to education, equal opportunity for all, and freedom of expression; furthermore, by instilling ethics and morals within the essential components of freedom we allow all to be free, without the worry of depriving others of their freedom. Education allows for awareness, understanding, and knowledge. Malala Yousafzai states in her “Speech at the United Nations”, that “if we want to achieve our goal, [we must] empower

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