The Rise Of Internet And Social Media

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The twenty first century has seen a huge rise in the power and use of digital communication compared to previous decades; we undoubtedly now live in a digital world, but at what cost? What if any are the implications of this fast paced and ever changing technology on society as a whole? It’s hard for people today to imagine a world without email or mobile phones, or Facebook and Twitter, or to imagine the days when to speak to someone meant having to write a letter or send a telegram. We use email with such frequency one could argue that postage stamps will soon be obsolete. We are now able to access and share information in a way that previous generations would never have thought possible.
Since the unveiling of the World Wide Web in 1991 the rise of the internet and social media have undoubtedly changed the way we communicate and maintain relationships. It is perhaps this advancement in technology that not only still allows us to communicate (albeit more efficiently) but more importantly that it allows us to communicate and stay connected. Whether it’s on a mobile phone while we’re on the move, online networking with contacts around the globe and/or commenting on blog posts – and contributing comments - posted by learned folk. We are now connecting to people who have this technology available to them across every social boundary, both individually and in communities. Technology has already, permanently and irreversibly changed the way we communicate with each
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