The Rise Of Isis

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The rise of Isis is a big thing in the world we live in now. Every Country is at the risk of ISIS attacking them. There have been many attacks that ISIS has carried out, for example of what they have done is the 9/11 attack, this was a really sad day for the American people. The ISIS group hijacked 4 air planes and 2 got ramped into the twin towers kill many people, and one of the other planes crashed into the Pentagon and the 4th plane crashed in a field, 2,996 people died on the 11 of September. This was all from ISIS., another attack ISIS did was the Paris shooting, the 3 people who are members of ISIS ran into this ma magazine writer and open fire in this work place and killed 17 people, after they did their thing, they jumped into a car and drove off, the reason they did this was because the magazine writer made fun of their god. Over the many years that ISIS have been around they have done over hundred attacks. The points that I will be touching on is the background, chronology, how have we changed, Groups affected and different perspectives. ISIS is also known as ISIL. ISIL stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. ISIS operates around the world but most of the time ISIS operates in western Iran and also in eastern Syria. ISIS has a massive stretch of ground in both of those states. This makes it military the most effective is jihadi movement ever. While the specific size is unknown, we believe that ISIS has thousands and hundreds of fighters. ISIS comes from

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