The Rise Of The Transatlantic Slave Trade

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Second Exam / Essay 1 The rise of the Transatlantic Slave Trade started with the helpless souls of Africans. Many people of this time would classify slavery as a natural order, state, or fate. They believed that people were either born as a slave or would later become one because it was their predetermined destiny or fate. Later, world cultures regarded POW’s as a natural state. POW stands for Prisoners of War, and is defined as a person who is captured and held by an enemy during war, especially a member of the armed forces. Slavery in Africa was an ancient market, it was a thousand years old. In Africa, the concept of wealth and property were defined by two things: people and cattle. The concept of wealth and property in Europe were defined by gold and land. People would associate African people as property because they would tend to generate wealth. The Africans were employed in many ways: as servants, concubines, soldiers, administrators, and field workers. The individuals were not only used to produce food for the colonies but were also the ones put to work to supply any other demand. It was apparent that countless Africans did not have the right to do anything as they pleased. They lives of these individuals were held at the owner’s discretion; the will to have an opposition was nonexistent, and each and every command was expected to be fulfilled when coming from their owners. These owners were the individuals that quite simply decided the fate of these prisoners.
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