The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler

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Adolf was born on April 20th, 1889, He committed Suicide on April 30th 1945. How did this Austrian that seemed to come out of nowhere succeed in conquering Germany? How did he plant the seeds of hatred and violence into the German people? How did Hitler and the Nazis almost drag the world into the apocalypse? In Mien kampf Hitler writes “the first world war was the most sublime moment in my earthly existence.” For four years Corporal Hitler was a courier, carrying messages to varicose 16th Infantry regiment. Hitler runs through a rain of bullets and delivering orders. For his bravery he is decorated with the Iron cross. He will wear this iron cross until his death. During the First World War, Hitler learns utter distain for the value of Human Life. On the night of October 13th, 1918, a gas shell attack makes him temporarily blind. Hitler is evacuated to a field hospital, and then to Germany. Meanwhile at the front lines the German army is pushed back, many are taken prisoner by the French. The German army are marched through the towns and villages they laid waste to. At this time, an event occurs in Hitler’s life. He regains his sight in a military hospital north of berlin. When Hitler learns the emperor’s abdication in favor of a monarchy and the defeat of Germany, he decides that he is going to restore Germanys Greatness. Hitler believed the defeat of Germany was the Jew’s fault. He says in Mien Kampf if we would have used poison gas on fifteen thousand of those Hebrew
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