Albert Speer's The Rise Of Fascism In Nazi Germany

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The Rise of Fascism in Nazi Germany

After the end of World War 1 (WW1), Germany was in charge of

taking full responsibility for the money lost, the mass destruction, and the

lives that were killed. This greatly hindered the German economy, which

brought the whole country down. German soldiers returning home from the

war could not get the supplies they needed to survive and turned to fascism.

Not too long after WW1, the whole world went into a great depression,

which also did not help the German economy recover from their great loss of

money. Germany realized that they needed a new way of getting their wealth

and pride back, so they turned to fascism. The political leader of the

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Without the help of Speer by his side,

Hitler would have had real problems in trying to maintain the weapons and

ammunition of the Army of Germany. He also would have not been able to

make his ideas of buildings and cities into real tangible objects.

Later on in his life, Speer helped to arrange for the assassination of

Adolph Hitler. Albert Speer was the only one, in high authority, in

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