The Rising Competition Between Estate Management Companies

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The article is about the rising competition between estate management companies in U.S. The 4Ds that stands for death, divorce, debt, and downsizing, are commonly claimed to be the factors that have stimulated the growth of these estate sales businesses, which caused a fierce competition within these estate sales agents or firms. As the parents of baby boomers reach the end of their lives, and the boomers themselves retire and downsize, more and more firms are entering this business because the demand for it increases. The fierce competition is also the result of the absence of regulations in the market. With the absence of government regulation, the competition would become uncontrollable and will create a negative impact to the customer. According to the president of the American Society of Estate Liquidators, there could be 14,000 companies operating within this market in America. Companies are trying to stand out from their competitors by including more services such as moving company referrals, resettlement assistance and help with how to downsize. Although there are often disagreements between sellers and sales people over what to charge for certain valuable items, these businesses are still highly demanded because it makes it easier for the family to manage the estates when death, divorce, debt, and downsizing occur to a family member. Based on what I have studied in class, I found this article to be related to the competition between firms that was driven by the…
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