The Road Not Taken Analysis

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The Road Not Taken As I read and analyzed this poem I became aware that it is indeed a great poem and that the reader must dig deep in order to find the true message of the poem. Careful readers shall not be tricked. The Basic Subject of the Poem The poem starts off with the title “The Road Not Taken.” At first sight this title could be used as foreshadow that the following poem will be about making a mistake, not making the right choice (not taking the right road) therefore establishing a gloomy, mournful tone. It promises that the poem will be about a road not taken or the road that the author does take “because it was grassy and wanted wear.” Another possible foreshadow of the title is that in the poem it does not matter which…show more content…
The same first line of the poem is repeated in the last stanza as well “Two roads diverged in a wood.” Not word by word but it’s still showing that the author is at point zero; still. *Big Metaphor: Fork stands for all the crisis and decisions to make in a lifetime. Format of the Poem and Word Choice This poem consists of four stanzas of five lines each. There is also a rhyming pattern that can be described as ABAAB. All the rhymes are strict and masculine except for that peculiar last line. This rhyming patter adds to the fluency in which the poem in read out loud and, in my opinion, it makes an emphasis on all the “B” rhymes of each stanza which have the more significance to the poem. The poem is written in tetrameters. Difference in stressed and unstressed syllables in the poem not only do they contribute to the main meaning of the poem but they also add a dramatic effect on the poem; taking longer or shorter periods of time on a specific syllable. Don’t ask me how the syllables work out in the poem. As specific words are being emphasized, the gloomy, mournful mood builds up throughout the poem. This is to a certain point in which the poem clearly becomes ironic and not mournful and gloomy; otherwise the poem would be called “The Road Less Travelled.” It is a simple irony, “I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference.” Beautiful build up by Robert Frost by using rhyme and metrics. Oddly enough the last word ends with the

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