The Road Of Democracy For America

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The road to democracy for America was a long one. This road starts before America was its own country it was under the rule of the British Empire. Under the Monarch the colonist’s individual rights were completely compromised in return for order and stability. Colonists felt as the King was wrongfully infringing upon their rights and declared independence from the British. Down the road during the Revolutionary war America functioned through the Articles of Confederation, a system where the power was given to the states. This worked well for America during the war, however; afterwards the flaws of the Articles became evident. States were not unified as one and therefore maintaining order was impossible. Forced with the conflict of developing a sound government, the Founding Fathers of America do this by finding a balance between the individual rights of the people and the power of the government to maintain order with the concepts of unalienable rights, checks and balances, and popular sovereignty. The first step to democracy and equilibrium between order and individual rights is the unalienable rights of the people. The major problem the majority of colonists had with the British Monarch was the lack of protection of the people 's rights. One of their rights that the colonists felt that was infringed upon was the right to criticize the monarch and to speak against it. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson addresses a particular grievance regarding this limit

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