John D Rockefeller Struggles

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Jonmarc Rasberry Dr. Rodriguez First Year Seminar 11-16-15 The road to success is never an easy path to take. However, adventuring down that road makes the journey worth all the obstacles that come your way. Everyone has had obstacles come their way and each individual 's mentality is how they will react to certain situations. Some individuals choose to fight and work hard for a better outcome of their life. However, others let life overwhelm them and let life get the best of them. Most individuals choose to flee when times and events becoming challenging. John D Rockefeller could have been overwhelmed and discouraged by some the events in his life. In spite of that, he used the negativity and challenges in his life to become one of the richest people in history,one of the richest men in his time era, and a man with a great vision for his business and himself. Before approaching all of Rockefeller’s internal and external struggles/obstacles, let 's talk about his background and the basic overview of where Rockefeller came from. He was born in a town named Richford. This small town was located in New York, more specifically, it was more around the lower middle portion of New York. He was the son of William Avery and Eliza Davison Rockefeller. He was also a brother to William Rockefeller,his brother, and Lucy Rockefeller, his sister. His family moved to the Cleveland, Ohio, area, where he began work as an assistant bookkeeper for a produce merchant at age

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