The Role Of An Enterprise Fosters The Learning Process Of An Organization

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Nonaka believes that cultural knowledge, implicit knowledge and the role of an enterprise fosters the learning process of an organization. While Gavin suggests measurable indices and standard processes are indispensable to measure the learning processes to build a learning organization. He criticizes the approach of Nonaka and suggests that without a track and audit it is difficult to introduce and manage the learning culture in a corporation. Learning needs a concrete change in the behavior among people. Garvin suggests that a learning philosophy is quite ideal and lacks an operational plan to execute it. He suggests a model and presents his thought on how to advance standard operating procedure guidelines to build a learning organization. But before explaining his view, he emphasis on the need of defining a proper framework at a place to develop new ideas such that disparate idea strategies can be commensurate at a particular scale. First, he suggests a framework of the 3M’s: Meaning, Management, and Measurement. The visualization being that since ‘learning’ is an equivocal philosophy which has no quantifiable and unified approach to measuring any learning strategy. And, it also deficits a best practice to regulate a learning organization. Therefore, the preeminent issue is not to bring up these ideas, but to develop a framework to test the issues and build a new learning organization. Garvin suggests that an organization should first set up the definition what ‘learning’
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